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8D7N Japan Trip Itinerary Info

Hi travel lover, finally I have done my simple Japan itinerary due to heavy work!  This Japan trip is a bit different with my backpacker...

Hi travel lover, finally I have done my simple Japan itinerary due to heavy work!  This Japan trip is a bit different with my backpacker trip as I went Tokyo with my family. We didn't appoint any tour agent and I'm the tour guide for this trip. HAHA! This time I will not mention about accommodation as I stayed with my cousin.

Alright, before I went there I have heard my friends who went Tokyo before that the expenses there are high. Not doubt, the food is quite expensive as a set of the meal cost me around RM20. Thus, sometimes I will cook udon or try their local instant noodle. Surprisingly, it's taste not bad! I'm so sad as I didn't really try their local sashimi as my parents do not eat raw food.

This is the draft of my itinerary. Hope you guys like it 

Day 1
-KLIA2- AirAsiaX 
-reach Tokyo Haneda airport
-proceed to Akasakamitsuke

Day 2 (Link Here)
Asakusa >>Sensoji Temple, Kaminarimon[Thunder Gate]
[TIPS] Get a view of Sensoji Temple, Nakamise dori, Sky Tree, and the Tokyo skyline from the 8th floor of the Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center
Ivideo/Nakamise street - Pick up Pocket Wifi
Tokyo Skytree [Ticket]
Gudetama cafe Tokyo near Tokyo Skytree
Hachiko Square
Shibuya Crossing
Shibuya 109
Adidas Store
-Shibuya Crossing
-Shibuya 109
-Shibuya cat street
- Omotesandō

Day 3 ( To be Updated)
-Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo
-SKY CIRCUS Sunshine60 Observatory (NEW) @sunshine city
-Sunshine Aquarium
-Namja Town [Ticket]
-J World [Ticket]
-Mukiteya (Ramen)
Shopping –Tobu & Seibu department store

DAY 3 ( To be Updated)
-Harajuku Station
-Takeshita street
-Line Friends Store
-Meiji Jingu Shrine

Day 4 ( To be Updated)
-Fuji TV Odaiba
-The Statue of Liberty
-Rainbow bridge (only lights up for certain festival)
-Pallete Town
-Ferris wheel
-Toyota Showroom
-Tokyo Big Sight

Day 5 ( To be Updated)
Transport-from Shinjuku Expressway Terminal –Kawaguchiko Station
-choosing Redline and Greenline
-Kawaguchiko Natural Living Centre
-Kawaguchiko Music Forest Music
-Kachi Kachi Ropeway
-Chureito Pagoda (take the map from Kawaguchiko Station Customer Service)  take train from Kawaguchiko to Shimoyoshida Station

Day 6 ( To be Updated)
Disneysea [Ticket]

Day 7 ( To be Updated)
Hie Shrine
Pablo Cheese Tart
Gundam Cafe
AKB48 Cafe

Day 8 ( To be Updated)
Return Pocket Wifi
Back to Malaysia

Transport: Tokyo Metro, JR Line [Using Suica Card] 
                      Express Bus (Shinjuku to Kawaguchiko)

Suica Card 
: minimum purchase 1000yen (with deposit 500yen)
: can be used in a lot of area (JR East, JR West, JR Kyushu,etc)
: can be used as E-Money for shopping from vending machine. to rent coin lockers and for spending at convenient shop
: only can refund at JR East Japan
: There is a charge of 220 yen to return a Suica card, which is deducted from the total

Currency: around 39.500

We have visited some places spontaneously and not really plan for it. Tokyo is worth to explore as I found that their culture, manner, food etc was different with Malaysia.


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  1. Wow it ia really detail information. I plan to go japan next march. I will make itinerary through this posting



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